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Emergency Services of Ooty

Ooty is a quaint location that attracts a lot of tourists all round the year. The government aids and facilitates the infrastructure of the town for the benefit of the tourists and locals. For your general safety, remember to keep your luggage close under your supervision and keep checking it periodically. Also keep your peers informed while travelling alone. Although the town is comparatively safer with very low crime rates and virtually very less criminal activities, but it is important to be alert about your own safety. Hence it is indispensable to keep a list of emergency contact numbers handy while you are  away from your own city. This will help you find out more about Ooty and make your visit safe and enjoyable.

Police in Ooty

Emergency services in Ooty

The police services in Ooty ensure law and order situations, traffic and safety for the citizens in town. As is mentioned, Law and order situations are efficient in Ooty, compared to other cities of India. However, in case of emergencies one can access the police instantly for help There are separate police stations with women staff to address the issues of women. Lovedale, Charring Cross and major tourist attractions like Botanical Gardens are under the alert eyes of the guards in all the seasons for heavy inflow of tourists.

Important Police Contact Numbers in Ooty

Police Control Room  Town East : 0423- 2442200
Police Out Post: 0423-2444065
Police Station Kandal: 0423-2443941
Police Station (Rural): 0423-2443973
Police Station LoveDale: 0423-2443942
Police-S.P Office: 0423-2223806, 0423-2223839
Police Wireless Station: 0423-2443972
All Women's Police Station (Rural):  0423 - 2223814
All Women's Police Station (Town): 0423 - 2223814

Fire Stations in Ooty

Fire rescue services of Ooty, can be contacted for fire accidents at home and office and elsewhere as well as during natural calamities and disasters. The department keeps conducting training programmes among locals to equip them with emergencies of fire.

Fire Service Station - 2442999

Ambulance Services in Ooty

There are 24/7 hours ambulance services in Ooty with efficient and effective services catered as per the requirements and condition of the patients. Being a hilly terrain the ambulance staff needs to be specially trained to drive a patient through the hilly regions to the Hospitals. There is government funded '108 from EMRI' (Emergency Management and Research Institute) that offers the services free of cost.

Ambulance -108

Hindu Munnani Ambulance Services
Mariammam Kovil
Tamil Nadu- 643202

Disaster Management in Ooty

The disaster management team in Ooty has brought in a considerable awareness and care for dealing with natural calamities like floods and landslides. The department becomes more active during monsoons with listed precautionary. Details of Disaster Management control room for Ooty is:

Disaster Management Control Room

0423 2442433

Blood Banks in Ooty

Blood Bank services in the town are also well spread and work 24 hours. The accessibility to the banks as easy and are equipped to meet emergency situations. They ensure safe and healthy environment to both donors as well as recipients.

Ooty Government Hospital

Superintendent Government Head Quarters,
Udagamandalam, Ooty- 643001
(0423) 2442212, (0423) 2442712

Military Hospital, Wellington
(0423) 2233111

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  • l
    love from Bangalore 502 Days ago

    Please shut down that ashrams Sarada Brahma Vidya Kendra , coonoor and RK Mutt Ooty and may these matajis /swamis be in hell forever for misusing powers to illegally enter others mind. They went to the extent of taking a large amount of money from a foreign girl when she was battling for her life. The foreign girl had left everything to find God as per the foolish advice from a RK Mutt swami and she was harassed physically, mentally from the day she left her country to find truth in India.Many highly educated foreign girls are lured to this such stupid ashrams who waste time and money for silly "mataji" or "swaminis" who are misused, abused actually in the name of service God. Please destroy all the cults like Brahmakumaris,RK Mutt who are dangerous to the entire humanity. They are illegally collecting forced donations from many hard working professionals. If you can just open up their "SAFE" OR LOCKERS", I am sure that the poverty of the country would go away and everyone gets their basic needs. Worse, these idiots collect money from the poor also.

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  • J
    Jitendra Singh Ex Sergeant Indian Air Force from Trichy 777 Days ago

    Sir, I have been in Sabol hotel Ooty for the last 02 days. Today the 04 Oct 18 while checking out due to mismanagement of reception (Mr Kumar Saha) & a driver (Mr Siraj) have forced rather coerced me to take Rs. 1000/ from me. I iintelligently did not a raise the arguments further as I had a schedule journey from Coimbatore jn to Trichy.This is purely a daylight robbery & punishable offence under IPC.In view of above you are requested to initiate proper action against them.Regards.Jitendra Singh,

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  • R
    Rahul from Thrissur 1055 Days ago

    Respeted sir we had bad experince in a hotel my bother go outside for walking 4 police officer come told my bother to open our room me and my younger brither is sleeping on that time the took our photos they told us why u drunk at hotel ucan only drunk wine shop and they take our photos and and one of the police and they warrned us to go bck to our curent city officer call bad words to us in there languge we dnt knw wht to do help us

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  • N
    Nithya from Cbe 1061 Days ago

    My sister in some critical situation in ooty. I called 100 but no response and I gave complaint to magalir station also. But even there also no response...

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  • C
    CA SHIVKUMAR MALU from LATUR 1446 Days ago

    Sir since last more than 1 and half hour held up in traffic jam at guest house road...No body to clear and help tourists. The MOH and Minister of Tourism may SERIOUSLY LOOK IN TO THIS...IT IS TOO BAD FOR ANY TOURIST PLACE OF SUCH UNATTENTIVENESS

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