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Religious Places in Ooty

Not only does the 'Queen of Hill Stations' offer a fantastic aura inside its sloping hills and green flora and fauna, but the religious places of the city gives away a strange tranquil religious feeling associated to its history.  Even when you are planning a peaceful spiritual holiday, Ooty can be a good choice to actualize your desire.

Churches in Ooty

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church of OotyHoly Trinity Church is the most important Church of the City. The Church was built in 1840 and was being used for education purposes on weekdays. Although it was used only for prayers on Sundays, but after 1858 with the efforts of Pope George Uglow, the Church started working passionately. The Church also represents the heritage structures of Ooty carried forward from colonial periods. A visit to the Church will definitely leave you feel calm and divine.

Location - Summer House Rd, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001

St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephens ChurchSt Stephens Church was built in 1829. This Church is said to be the parent church of the most famous Holy Trinity Church. The Timber from the Lal Bagh Place of Tipu Sultans’ Palace was pulled down to be used in building this Gothic structured Church. During these times, this was the only Church serving the British. Later the door of this Church was gifted to Holy Trinity Church, which was also maintained by St Stephen’s church during 1857 and 1887.

Location - Mysore Road, near Collectorate, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Other Churches in Ooty

Union Church - Church Hill Rd, Pudumund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001
Thomas Church - Bishop's House, Post Box No.5, The Nilgiris, Ooty - 643 001
Sacred Heart Church - Havelock Rd, Vannarapettai, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001
St.Mary's Church - Kathadimattam, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001
St. Theresas Church - Fingerpost, Brick Field Rd, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643006
Kandal Shrine - Bishop’s House Nilgiris, Post Box No. 5, The Nilgiris, Ooty- 643001

Temples in Ooty

Murugan Temple

Murugan TempleThere are dearths of tourist attractions in Ooty, the Pilgrim places are no exception to the visitors. The famous Murugan Temple dedicated to the deity Murugan celebrates Thaipudam festival during January and February. This is the best time to pay a visit to this temple. The temple can be reached walking to the top of the Elk Hill where it is located.

Location - Elk Hill, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001

Sri Mariammam Temple

Mariammam Temple Mariammam Temple is dedicated to Goddess Mariammam, who is the Hindu Goddess of rain. Mariamman Temple Festival is celebrated in the month of April when the devotees in large number visit here. Some also walk barefoot over burning coal to show their devotion.

Location - Sri Thandhi Mariamman temple, Coonoor, The Nilgiris district.

Other Temples in Ooty

Subramania Swamy Temple - Vellalore Rd, Kallimadai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641111
Muniswarar Temple - Bombay Castle, Davisdale, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001
Jain Temple - Main Bazaar, Upper Bazaar, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001

Wallajah Mosque

Wallajah Mosque in OotyMostly visited by the Muslim travelers, and a focal point for Muslim religious gatherings of the Tamil Nadu in Ooty, Wallajah Mosque is the only Mosque in Ooty. Raman and Bakrid sees a large number of pilgrim visits from locals and surrounding regions. The mosque is one of the most attractive shrines in India known for its architectural beauty. The mosque is not only recognized locally but attracts Muslims from across the globe.

Big Mosque/ Wallajah Mosque - Lower Bazaar, Ooty, Tamilnadu, India

Ramakrishna Mutt

The Ramakrishna Mutt is the most important Mutt in Ooty. This Mutt situated amongst the serene and divine environments of Ooty is a perfect place to meditate and explore your spiritual self. Swami Ramakrishna was the founder of this Mutt, who was a disciple of Swami Vivekananda. The visitors are sure to experience dreamlike calm here.

Other Mutts in Ooty

Narayana Gurukumalam - Manjanakorai
Abu Babajee Trust, Wood Cock Road
Diyanamyam (PBKS) Ettins Road
Ragahavendra Mutt, Bombay Castle
Dakshinamurthy Madalayam, Kandal
Sampoorna Ashram - Naduhatty, Kaddabettu Post

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    You can visit the church from 10 am to 1pm and from 3pm to 5pm

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    Nidhi from Coimbatore 2171 Days ago

    i want to know about the timings of st. stephen's church? do you know about it ?

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