Adventure Sports in Ooty

Modern day tourism is more than just site-seeing and shopping. Tourists quest for more and new activities and adventure sports are one of the best sporting activities that keep the tourists on their toes. Ooty offers a good blend of both beautiful locales and adventures. The hilly terrains and water bodies of the city support several sports like trekking, gliding, fishing and boating etc.

Gliding and Hang Gliding in Ooty

Adventure Sports in OotyGliding through the beautiful terrains of Nilgiris, in the open skies is sure to give the true feeling of flying. While in hang gliding sport, pilot glides through an un-motorized foot propelled glider, in para-gliding a parachute is used for para-gliding. Kalhatty Waterfalls, situated at 16kms from Ooty, facilitates hang gliding and para-gliding sports. The providers charge between Rs 1200 to 2500 per person and the rides last from 7 to 25 minutes depending upon charges. The experience becomes all the more remarkable with a marvelous take-off point and an amazing view of waterfalls, streams and thickly covered forests while gliding.

Trekking, Hiking and Camping in Ooty

Junle CampingRolling trails of hills, with pleasant climate and varied terrain conditions captures the interest of all type of explorers. One can choose to hike amidst different altitudes, landscapes and distances while in Ooty. Kotagiri, Parson's Peak to Mudumalai National Park, Coonoor to the Droog and Ooty to Avalanche are a few tantalizing trek trails of Ooty. Ooty offers shorter treks that can be completed in 4-5 hours as well as 2-3 day expeditions. Moving through the traversed hills, streams, plains and jungles of Ooty and surrounds makes the visit stand out and makes you return for more.

Masinagudi provides ample camping options also to the explorers, with varied packages and options. Since the place is exclusively laid out in terms of nature centric stays, camping here will give you limitless possibilities to explore. Natural habitats, in the middle of these jungles are the most popular and beautiful camping destination around Ooty. Middle of the forest camps gives that rustic feel with its fresh mornings and densely dark nights.

Boating in Ooty

Ooty Lake is well known location in Ooty for a perfect boating experience. Visitors can hire row boats, paddle boats, and even motor boats for an intimate flick with the clear waters, inviting weathers and hill covered shores of Ooty Lake.

Fishing in Ooty

Fishing in AvalancheUpper Bhavani and Avalanche is the best known place around South Asia for trout fishing. Fishing in Avalanche is quite popular due to the clear waters and a large number of trouts inhabitant here. They can be easily captured with spin rods and small spoons. The rods and fishing accessories can be hired from the nearby trout hatchery. Apart from trout, a plentiful of Carnatic Carp fishes can also be caught in Pykara Lake and Ooty Lake. Winters are easier for fishing activity than in summers. But it is obligatory to get a Fishing license from the Assistant Director of Fisheries in Ooty for fishing in the area.

Horse Riding in Ooty

Adventure Sports in OotyEnjoying Horse riding in Nilgiris will be more than ever enjoyable due to the hilly terrains. Outside the boat house of Ooty Lake one can hire horses with or without a guide. A short ride around the circuit of lake is charged at Rs 50, however for a ride longing an hour through the hills and woods, the charges are likely to be around Rs 200. If that’s not enough of adventure for you, book at Regency Villa for about a three hour trek through Toda village and surrounds.

Mountain Biking in Ooty

Mountain Biking at OotyThe Hercules bike park near Lake Road, stocks some 29 bikes to experience mountain biking adventure. Tourists get help from expert professionals’ to bike through the natural bumps, rugged lands and mountains. The elements of the park is sure to interest all the visitors as the park is designed to give riding options to both beginners as well as seasoned expert bikers. The tracks are sure to enthrall the visitors.

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