Shopping in Ooty

After a knock around the beautiful and mesmerizing venues of this beautiful hill station, it is time to bring back the memoirs of Ooty to your city. Indulge into some shopping and buy these unique goodies you can find only in Ooty.

Main bazaar in Ooty

Ooty main bazaar is a perfect shopping location for the shopaholics.  This is a vital market of the city known for varieties of freshly brewed tea. The market sells everything from groceries, handicrafts, paintings and all the goodies that Ooty produces, making it a favorite shop-stop for locals as well as tourists. During festivals this market becomes more crowded due to the availability of an array of special festival tidbits. Also antique Toda jewelry and Toda embroidery shawls are found here along with Nilgiri special naturals like aromatic oils, herb extracts, spices etc.

Ooty Municipal Market

Ooty Municipal Market

Ooty Municipal Market is a very large retail market, importantly known for vegetables fruits and groceries. The importance of the market can be determined by the fact that the market is visited by around 4000 shoppers on a typical weekday. There are 15 gates to the accessibility of this big market and some 2000 outlets. In recent past the over-crowding issues in this market have raised concerns of government of the area. 

Charring Cross and Commercial Street

Charring cross in Ooty is a happening place being the focal point of the city. Charring Cross is located at National Highway 67 and all the roads of Nilgiri Ghats lead to this prominent location. In 1898, with the efforts of the then Governor of the city, Adam’s Fountain was built which is now an important attraction of the place. The fountain is beautifully carved and designed, looking finest during the evenings with the lightings adding to the beauty of this historic fountain. Some of the important tourist locations of Ooty like Rose Garden and St. Stephen’s Church are situated close to Charring Cross.Commercial-StreetThis is also an important market with the charm of British era in Ooty. This is a major commercial hub of the town, with some big commercials shops and super markets. Antiques, homemade chocolates, handicrafts and Toda jewellery can be purchased from here. The road is also famous for the procession of Santa during Christmas. Make it a point to visit ‘Kairali’, ‘Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala and ‘Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan.’

Tibetan Market in Ooty

Tibetan-MarketTibetan Market of Ooty is placed near Botanical Gardens important for purchase of woolen clothes. The shops of the market offer a good assemblage of sweaters, shawls, caps, jerseys, cardigans, pullovers, jackets, sweatshirts, jumpers, hoodies, at moderate prices. The shops are mostly small and the vendors are mostly Tibetan women. The market also sells a good variety of children’s clothes. You will also find splendid range of antiques here priced very high, hence it is important to negotiate the prices.

Things to buy in Ooty

Tea and Coffee

Ooty is bestowed with a lot of tea gardens all around. These fresh and fragrant tea leaves will keep rekindling your stint in Ooty. Not only tea, but coffee from the region possesses a very rich taste.


Ooty's Special Homemade ChocolatesHome-made Chocolates from Ooty are extremely famous, easily attracting the locals and tourists. You will find many shops selling home-made chocolates but get hold of the real taste of these exclusive chocolates from King Star Bakery at Charring Cross. King Star Bakers have a great selection of chocolates and a few popular ones are rum n raisin, fruit n nut, milk chocolate, coffee chocolate, dark chocolate, fig n honey, and roasted almonds.

Fruits and Honey

While in Ooty one can find some fine and organically-grown strawberries. Green shop is famous for these organically grown fruits and vegetables. Green shop is also famous for high quality local honey. Bee-keeping is a vital source of livelihood of the tribals of Ooty. Although there are a large number of shops that sell honey but Green shop is an eco-friend firm that works to promote these tribes and sells these real homegrown honey.

Eucalyptus Oil

The rolling hills of Ooty are surrounded by Eucalyptus forests. The oil from these eucalyptus leaves are distilled locally, hence the oil can be purchased at very reasonable rates. You can buy eucalyptus oil from Sarkkar Super Market at Charring Cross or Temptations at Charring Cross Complex (Garden Road). 

Antiques, Jewellery and Handicrafts

Antiques of OotyThe antiques, handicrafts and jewellery of Ooty are exclusive handwork of the local tribes. Big Shop on Commercial Road is best known for Toda jewelry, handicrafts and antiques for several years.

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